Rails through the Galaxy

586 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 4, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

Rails through the Galaxy - RTTG


    Short Description :

Rails through the Galaxy is a space and technic based modpack, that offers

long time fun to play alone or together with friends.


    Features :

  • more than enough technic Mods
  • Questbook with plenty quests (Quest aren't finished yet, but they'll come soon!)
  • many useful clientmods so you don't have to install them yourself
  • an official server for your modpack (see below)
  • fast help with issues
  • it has trains :)

This pack has so many technic mods, so you can decide how you wanna make energy yourself and are not forced by us. The Questbook is going to have many quest in order to have a good long-time experience.


    Official Server :

We offer a official server that can be located on the main menu to play with friends or meet other people without paying anything.


    Issues :

If you found any issues, let us know so we can improve ingame experience.


    Modlist :





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