Quality of Life Plus

60 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 7, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2  

Vanilla Plus | Enhanced GUI | Perfect Base for ModPack Creators


Designed to enhance vanilla Minecraft and provide a base for  modpack creators to build from

DELETE/ADD any mods of your choosing


Gui completely reworked.

Full of mods that just make Minecraft an overall better experience for the player. 




Riding a horse, getting in a boat or flying with your elytra, will automatically put the player into third-person view

You can double jump and wall jump (all games should have this)

Everything optimized to run Minecraft as good as it could possibly run.  Making things load smoother and faster, giving you an amazing Fps.

Mods like Shipwreck and Ruins add more things to discover in the world, really making it feel lived in.

All GUI's are clean and designed to provide the player, with as much information as possible.

Great for pack makers to add mods to and create your own adventures. Create custom backgrounds, fonts, loading screens

I have some of my favorite mods disabled, if enabled, it will add just that little touch that can take a Vanilla playthrough over the edge

Enjoy a rich world of ambient sounds, explore caves and revile in the echoes of your footsteps, or the moans and wines of monsters.

Builders rejoice, you can place blocks, slabs, torches in ways you could only dream of.

Do you want a slab that goes vertical against a wall? You got it. You wanna put two different types of slabs against each other? No Problem

With Better Block Placement and OOPS! You can now build with super efficiency and if you put a block out of place, simply left-click it to pick it up.

Key Wizard allows you to change keybindings easily and see conflicts instantly

JEI and Item Zoom synergize perfectly when looking at blocks or exploring items

Harvest and plant crops with a single right-click, jump as much as you want on a plot and never worry about disturbing the soil or plant

Explore caves completely changed and rich with life

Experience enemies as never before with enhanced movement and bloody dismemberment

Enjoy Fullscreen Borderless mode. Great for recording game footage or sharing via Discord

Choose between Corail Tombstone mod or Tomb Many Graves 2

Enjoy dense ores making mining more exciting, as well as, VERY rare large ore deposits

Spawn in a city no matter the seed you choose at world creation

Fall slowly through leaves

Enjoy water mechanics from future Minecraft versions, such as bubble elevators and moving through the water more dynamically




1.13 Water Mechanics - Backports 1.13 Bubble elevators

/dank/null - Adds item that stores other blocks

Akashic Tome - Craft with other books to make one book 

AmbientSounds 3 - Incredible living world of sounds around you

AppleSkin - Adds saturation and hunger information to food items 

Aroma1997s Dimensional World - Creates a separate mining dimension

AttributeFix - Makes mods play well together

Auto Third Person - Riding a horse, getting in a boat, or flying an elytra goes into third-person view

Back Tools - Last used tool now shows on players back

Bad Wither No Cookie - Localizes Wither and Ender Dragon sounds and Gui's

Baubles - Adds extra slots for rings, belts, accessories, etc...

Better Advancements - Makes advancements Gui easier to use and read

Better Animal Models - Simply replaces Animal models with more realistic versions

Better Foliage - Adds leaves and other foliage to Minecraft

Better Placement - Allows for easier and more intuitive block placement

BetterBedrockGen - Bedrock at the bottom of the world is flat

BetterFps - Uses different algorithms to run Minecraft more smoothly

BetterPortals - Instant portal travel as well as cool effects 

Carry On - Pick up chests and some entities and move them

Ceiling Torch - Place torches on the ceiling

CleanView - Water is clear

Clumps - XP when dropped by mobs clumps together 

Colored Name Tags - Add color name tags using dye

Colytra - Elytra can share slot with chest item

Common Capabilities - Makes mods play well together

Console Experience - Add fun Hud mechanics only available in Bedrock editions of Minecraft

Corail Tombstone - Tombstone mod

Cosmetic Armor Reworked - Wear armor and then choose another set or nothing at all wear cosmetically

Custom Backgrounds - For pack creators

Custom Loading Screen - For pack creators

Custom Main Menu - For pack creators

Custom Starter Gear - Customise what the player starts with.   /csg_config set

Default World Generator port - For pack creators / Create presets for world gen

Dense Metals - Denser more compact ores

Diet Hoppers - Click around hoppers in their empty spaces

Ding - Dings when pack finishes loading

Double Slabs - Place two different types of slabs together

Dragon Drops Elytra - Self-explanatory

Dude! Where's my Horse? - Adds an item to call tamed animals to the player location

Durability101 - Shows durability on the actual item icons

Enchantment Descriptions - Adds descriptions of what enchant books actually do, even most modded

Ender Crop - Adds a crop that can grow enderpearls

Ender Storage 1.8.+ - Add more Ender chests that can be color-coded as well as ender bags

Equipment Tooltips - Shows if items are better or worse then-current equipped items as well as helpful info

Fancy Block Particles - Makes blocks look cooler when breaking 

Faster Ladder Climbing - Climb ladders faster

FastFurnace - Debugs some furnace issues, increases item transfer speed

FastWorkbench - Debugs some workbench issues, increases item transfer speed

FoamFix​ - Makes Minecraft run smoother. (NOT SERVER FRIENDLY)

Foodinator - Item that feeds you and can be upgraded

Forge MultiPart CBE - Place torches next to each other in corners and more

FreeLook - Hold down alt to look around while moving or flying like a First Person Shooter 

FTB Utilities - Adds the ability to claim map areas and much more (Great for Servers)

Fullscreen Windowed Borderless for Minecraft - Self-explanatory 

Horse Tweaks - Adds saddles that make horses more versatile

Huds Armor Status & Damage Indicators - Adds information Hud on the screen showing worn armor and weapons

Idō - Backports 1.14 player movement improvements through water

Inventory Tweaks - Adds Inventory organization for most chests and inventories

Items Don't Break! - Item will show as broken and won't be destroyed

ItemZoom - Shows bigger icons for JEI items when hovered over

Just a Few Fish - Adds fish and fun fishing mechanic to Minecraft

Just Enough Items JEI - Shows all craftable blocks as well as a wealth of information

Just Enough Resources JER - Shows graphs in JEI for ore information

JustTheTips - Shows helpful tips during loading screens

Keyboard Wizard - Easy to use keybinding config

KleeSlabs - Break slabs as separate blocks if they have been placed on top of each other

Large Ore Deposits - Self-explanatory

Light Level Overlay Reloaded - Press F4 to see light levels 

MalisisDoors - Adds more doors and better door functions

MalisisSwitches - Adds more switches 

MiniCoal - Adds mini coal, one piece of coal or charcoal can be crafted into 8 pieces of mini coal/charcoal

Mo' Bends - Entities move more realistically

Mo' Villages - More villages in more biomes

Mob Dismemberment - Self-explanatory

Mod Name Tooltip - Shows what mod provides the items you are hovering over

Mouse Tweaks - Allows the ability to use scroll-wheel in your inventory to move items 

Nature's Compass - Adds a compass that can help you find specific biomes (mod-friendly)

Neat - Clean huds above entities heads

Notes - Alt+n will open a notes clipboard to help you organize your thought

Oops! Undo - If block is placed in the wrong place, left-clicking allows you to pick it up, within 3 secs (default)

Open Glider - Adds a glider to Minecraft

OpenBlocks Elevator - Add an elevator block Minecraft

Ore Excavation - Mine most blocks of the same material by holding down the ~ key by default

Passable Leaves - Entities no move through leave blocks

Patchouli - Used by mod creators to create how-to books and more

Phosphor - Fixes light rendering issues in 1.12.2 

Proportional Destruction Particles - Better particle effects, as well as weather particle effects


Quark Oddities - Addon for Quark

Quick Leaf Decay - Leaves decay instantly after trees are felled

QuickHomes - /sethome and /home commands. The player can set a home location and tp back to it

Rainbow Oak Trees - Self-explanatory

Random Bone Meal Flowers - Different types of flowers every time you bone meal grass

ReAuth - If mod issues keep the game from completely crashing. Sometimes

Ruins Structure Spawning System - Adds ruins to world gen 

Shipwrecks! - Adds shipwrecks and treasure to world gen

Side Slabs - Place slabs standing up against other blocks

Simple Quarry - Adds easy to use and craft quarry to Minecraft

Simple Storage Network - Adds easy to use and craft storage system to Minecraft

Smooth Font - Allows for changing Minecraft's default font styles

Smooth Scrolling Everywhere - Use scroll-wheel in Minecraft menus

Sound Device Options - Allows for switches audio output devices without having to close Minecraft

Sound Filters - Adds reverb to caves and other small changes

StepUp - Auto step up one block heights. Replaces Minecraft's crap auto-jump

NoMoreRecipeConflict - If mods share the same recipe this adds a button to change between them

Super Sound Muffler - Adds items to control sound in Minecraft

SwingThroughGrass - Grass no longer impedes the player during combat. (Synergizes well with passthrough leaves)

TamedRespawn - Makes your pets invincible

The One Probe - Hud that shows all item information when looking at items (works well with WAILA, not HWYLA)

Third Person Camera Fix - 3rd person camera passes through blocks that the player can passthrough

TipTheScales - Adjust Gui scale sizes with a slider (DOES NOT WORK WITH OPTIFINE)

Toast Control - Deletes the notification Minecraft throws at you in the top left of your screen

Tomb Many Graves 2 - Tombstone mod

Torch Bandolier - Adds and item that holds up to 1,000 something torches

Torchmaster - Adds torches to the game that can keep monsters from spawning and more

ToroHealth Damage Indicators - Shows dmg to the enemy as well as a Hud for entities if configured

Trample Stopper - Can't break crops by jumping on them

TrashSlot - Adds a trash slot to inventory Gui

UniDict - Makes mods play nice as far as ore gen and crafting, ie. if two mods add copper, it combines them to be one kind

Unloader - Zones not being played in or chuck loaded are not loaded (HUGE performance enhancement, Server friendly)

Village Spawn Point - ALWAYS spawn in a village

Villager Market - Block when placed in a village or around villagers that combines what they sell in one Gui

Wall Jump! - Double Jump and Wall Jump (all games should have this)

Waystones - Adds waystones to villages, as well as, makes them craftable by the player

WI Zoom - Zoom in to see distant objects (like Optifines zoom)

Worley's Caves - Amazing cave gen

Xaero's Minimap - Adds a minimap

Xaero's World Map - Add a world map


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