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  • BetterPingDisplay - Displays your Ping as "ms" instead of the default bars, in the TAB menu.
  • ChatPatches - Some QoL changes to the ingame chat.
  • CITResewn
  • CommandMacros - Runs commands when a key is pressed.
  • Dark Loading Screen - Because who actually prefers lightmode?
  • InventoryHud+ - QoL additions to the ingame HUD.
  • Jade - Waila is a dead meme... Jade is the new thing, these days.
  • JEI - Currently disabled by default because REI is enabled by default. (Optional)
  • JourneyMap - OG Map mod, yknow?
  • LogicalZoom - Same Zoom effect from Optifine.
  • MouseTweaks - Literal Godsend.
  • ParticleBlocker - Allows disabling specific particles in the game.
  • RoughlyEnoughItems - Better version of JEI, in my opinion. Enabled by default. (Optional)
  • SimpleDiscordRichPresence - Ties into your Discord app, if open, to display your Game details properly. Afaik, no setup needed.
  • StackRefill - Basically, InventoryTweak's "auto-refill" option.

You are welcome to add any further client-side mods to your instance, that you might find useful. If those mods are useful & are completely clientsided, you are welcome to suggest them in the comments to be added to the pack permanently!

You are welcome to use this Vanilla addon pack as a Base Template for any modpacks you might want to create. A Little note of credit in that modpack's description would be appreciated, but is not required.