Psycho's fantasy

338 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 27, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

What is this modpack about? It's about pain, of seeing crafts, and needed materials to keep opening doors.

You start at lobby, when you can choose settings, read the lore, go to "Hall of Fame", or to the hall with lootbox drops.

When you've done all the things at lobby you can click to the start button and begin your journey!

There are 61 doors at this map, 13 of them are "nightmare" door, it means, that you have to grind some resources to open them, after you opened the door, you will get back items, which you used to open the door (If the door is common, after nightmare doors you won't get back items), some useful seeds, and of course lootboxes!

After certain point progress splits to 3 ways: tech magic and nature, all recipes from ways are intertwined to each other, so you won't be able to rush one of the ways, you have to open the doors gradually, to help with doors opening there is a GUIDES system included, they are in beta, but they already have all needed information. After nightmare doors you will get "super rare material" 1-3, which is needed to complete the map, but you don't have to open them all, just collect enough for craft ;)

The goal is to open the doors on all 3 ways, after the last door of each way it will be lever, activate all three levers to complete the map.

There are also quests at modpack, but the were made as a shop, and of course there are more than 100 custom achievements made specialized for this modpack.

I've been working for this modpack for 6 months, and I hope you will enjoy it!

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