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Project: Shiba Pixelmon [1.16.5]

Server IP:


Project: Shiba is a community-based server, great for both beginners and seasoned Pixelmon players alike!

Features include:

  • PokeDex Ranks
  • PokeHunts
  • Bingo
  • Pokemon Outbreaks
  • Playtime Rewards
  • Vote Rewards
  • Player Warps
  • FREE Battle Pass
  • EV Training
  • Blissey Training
  • NPC Shops for materials, held items, building blocks, and more
  • Safari
  • Custom Skills
  • Lottery
  • Chat Games
  • Overworld with BYG Biomes
  • Over 200 server-exclusive Pokemon textures
    ... and more!


Connect with the latest version of the Pixelmon: Reforged modpack! [1.16.5]
Join our discord for our custom modpack, resource pack, and/or assistance!




Pixelmon: Reforged brought to you by the reforged team:

Special thanks to DeadNuzz for originally setting up this instance!