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Filename Project Ozone
Uploaded by TheCazadorSniper
Uploaded Dec 27, 2016
Game Version 1.7.10  
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§6 2.2.2 Changelog
# Updated Better Questing Mod
# §9Blacklisted slime islands from spectre dimension
# Turned off HQM Hardcore mode and HQM book will not spawn at start of new world
# §9Changed recipe of Tome of Knowledge
# Turned Hardcore mode on for BQM
# §9Updated Veinminer
# Reduced potion id for Defensetech potion effects
# §9Changed recipe of the fire charge
# Decreased chance to get the kitchen appliances reward for BQM
# §9Added an ore dictionary entry to part builders, stencil tables, tool stations, pattern chests, seared tanks, and wand of the forest in order to fix BQM quests
# Updated Better Builders Wands
# §9Turned off Waila IFluidHandler so Ender Conduits should not overflow the waila tooltip
# Added a tooltip to the Botania Lexicon
# §9There are now Agricraft Karat Carrot seeds, have fun automating them
# Updated Loot Bags
# §9Added recipe for Wireless Crafting Terminal for normal and Titan mode
# Added new recipe for magnet card
# §9Horse armor is now stackable
# Added custome splash text
# §9Updated Open Modular Turrets
# Updated Galacticraft
# §9Removed the Question chance cube reward
# Updated Experience Rings
# §9Updated the Karat Carrot quest in BQM
§6 Note | Backup before updating
# Updated BQ1 to BQ2 so progression and parties will not convert over (sorry)
# When starting BQM use "/bq_admin default load" if the quests don't appear and "/bqs_loot default load" if you're not getting the correct loot from loot chests
# I'm aware of the BQM title card of PO2's logo looking stretched
# In recent versions you may have seen Better Questing mod was added because I'm phasing out HQM, all quests should work now, but send a bug report to the issue tracker if something is broken
# §9Ignore Loot++ errors (has issues seeing metadata) and CraftTweaker duplicate recipe errors

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