Project Ozone

667,416 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 27, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10  

For Servers: Use /botania-skyblock-spread @p[r=3] command (you may switch the number 3 for something else), It sends the target player randomly into the world and creates a GoG skyblock for them.

For Servers: In file place level-type=botania-skyblock


Server 1.7.10S

Project Ozone 1/2 Map Stranded made by TheResonantGamer

 Use the Garden of Glass world type generation.

It is possible to play this pack in a default, superflat, and amplified world types.


Project Ozone 1.7.10 Mac/Linux


The Simple Achievements book is for the hardcore players or players can handle the grind or players that can handle time consuming tasks.

This modpack starts with you in the sky, while playing there will be quest to complete using the HQM mod. After the HQM you will be granted the Simple Achievements book to complete challenges if you wish to do so. You can choose if you want to stay in the void world or you can move to another dimension. This pack is designed for freedom of choice despite minor setbacks through limited lives, difficult recipes and not being able to use vanilla tools effectively. Newer versions of this modpack will now use HQM so I will not be able to lock mods from you at the beginning of the game. The idea is still the same though 100% is completion of all quests and simple achievements.


No it is not okay to rehost/redistribute my modpack, logo, name or custom configs on a different platform. Don't do it.


Warning: This is my first modpack, expect noobness.


Thank You to ProfyleBryon for making this logo for me :) can find more of his art here :

                                    Twitter: TheCazadorsniper @CazadorSniper


All mods within this modpack all belong to their respective authors.