Project Equivalence

10,582 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 11, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Project Equivalence is inspired by pixels emc based modpack. I took my own spin on what he has done. Like his pack you gain resources from the project e table you start with the tome of knowledge and only resources have emc you also start with the philosopher's stone the watch of flowing time and the quest book. My modpack is an expert skyblock like his modpack, well i think his was an expert skyblock. There will be a questbook that will act as a guide. The modpack is only around 200 mods and can run at 6 gigs. The starting progression in the pack is getting into tinkers and then doing immersive engineering for treated wood  also doing tinkers for sky stone. Then you start botania and thaumcraft both these mods are intertwined together. The goal of the modpack is to make the final star! it's going to be a tough journey but in the end it will be worth it


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