Power Conversion Pack

121 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 6, 2019 Game Version: 1.10.2

This modpack was mostly created not only for seeing how many Power APIs for a single version I could find. But also as a challenge/variety modpack for tech/assist mods, niche and mainstream.


RF, T, LE can be converted easy with LightningCraft and its own elements of machines, a dimension and more, Energy Converters allowing for RF, EU, T, FE to be converted. But mods like Planttech with CE can't be converted and is its own thing with plants mixed with components and its own machines, 3D printing and growable x4 ores. I mostly made this pack for conversion/in/accessibility, variety of tech mods and assisting mods. As well as seeing what's possible and what alternatives small or big/content or quality of life make a difference in one single version of the game for mod options.


Most of the mainstream mods like Applied Energistics, Thermal Mods, Mekanism, IC2 (Classic over Experimental), are here, but a good amount of niche mods and quality of life mods were added to not only mix things up but allow for possibilities and accessibility of new mods and showcasing the other greats of the tech mod category.


If mods don't work for you either let me know or switch out for one you know works or an earlier version preferably of the mod that isn't working out for you.


Certain mods like TSON Craft 3.6.1, Solar Village and ShadowMC Forgelin 1.0.5 are intended to be backwards on 'latest' mod versions due to reasons more so for what state they are in or compatibility. Especially TSON Craft 3.6.1 as version 4+ was a transition period for the mod and wasn't finished yet, especially the 3.6.1 versions of the machines in 4+ for recipe or interface crashing reasons.


Note: Otherwise to end off, not all compatibility has been tested, with certain mods but most should work. The only issue I'd say to not do is the x4 Planttech ores on farmland Vanilla blocks, in this modpack towards something with another mod, they crash the game.


As per usual, I'm after feedback for the Modpack. And DON'T REPOST THE MODPACK OR THE RELATED MODS TO OTHER SITES.


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