709 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 22, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2


Poopcraft is a modpack targeted at players who are looking for a balanced exploration and technological experience. It is a kitchen sink mod pack that brings together staple mods as well as some lesser known mods to provide a truly balanced experience. 


Based on the modpack "ExplorationTech" compiled by romelo333 with some additions to suit the requirements of our server.


Love magic as well as exploration and technology? Poopcraft has been designed to meet those urges by including some of the best magic mods in the game. Feel like doing some flower magic? Do some Botania. What about plant magic? Do some Roots. How about harnessing the power of blood in the mod Blood Magic.


This modpack is for 1.10.2. It is recommended to install Foamfix for improved memory usage.


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