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KN: Pokeblock Reforged




The Pokeblock Reforged Modpack

The Pokeblock Reforged Modpack is built to be the complete Pixelmon pack. With no need to grab extra mods. The pack includes performance mods, quality-of-life mods, and extra mods adding more to do.

More To Do

Pokeblock Reforged also comes with extra mods, like Create, Ender Storage, and Create Pixelmon. Adding more for you to do in the world of Minecraft and Pixelmon


Public SMP Server

Pokeblock also comes preloaded with the Pokeblock SMP server. Hosted by the Kinetic Network, one of the largest modded Minecraft networks. You can dive into our custom gyms, quests, active and friendly community, advanced claiming system, economy (wonder trade), and extra mods. Supporting 1.16.5.

The server is always updating, with new content and events. So there is always something new to check out.