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After many wars between man and nature and infighting in all of the human nations, it left the earth barren, destroyed by the many battles. Only a few resources remain, and scattered oil deposits left around by the remains of nature decaying. And you one of the last survivors with the ability granted by your elders to respawn and survive in this desolate wasteland and knowledge past down the generations. And one mission to continue your legacy and escape the planet and reach your friends who have left a long time ago before the wars.


Planetary is a wasteland themed modpack where you start in destroyed Earth and need to collect resources from meteors to build a rocket and leave to a better planet.


Sponsored by: Akliz


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Modpack by knoxhack @ NFINITdev
With the help from:

Xehala (Develoment/Server)
PCTheWolf (Development)
FireCharge (Lore)

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