Introducing "Pixelomate", a mod pack designed to automate and optimize your Minecraft Pixelmon gameplay experience. With Pixelomate, you'll have access to a range of mods that add automation, convenience, and quality-of-life improvements to the game.


One of the core features of Pixelomate is its automation mods, which include Mekanism and Create. Mekanism provides an extensive set of machines and tools for resource processing, energy generation, and item transportation, while Create adds a range of mechanical devices that can be used to automate various tasks, such as farming, mining, and item processing.

Pixelomate also includes several other mods that enhance the overall Xaero'sMinimap, a minimap and waypoint mod that allows players to easily navigate the world, and Just Enough Items (JEI), which displays all available crafting recipes in-game.


Pixelomate goes above and beyond in providing quality-of-life improvements to your Minecraft Pixelmon experience. Along with the previously mentioned automation and convenience mods, the mod pack also includes several other amazing features that will enhance your gameplay even further.

Refined Storage is a powerful end-game chest and auto-crafting management system that simplifies inventory management and crafting. With Refined Storage, you can easily store and retrieve items, set up complex crafting recipes, and automate your entire production line.

But that's not all – Pixelomate also includes Simple Storage Network, a mod that allows you to access all your chests from one convenient inventory. This means you can easily find and manage all your items, without having to search through multiple chests.


Pixelomate also includes Pam's Harvestcraft, a mod that adds a wide variety of crops, trees, and foods to the game, allowing you to expand your farm and create delicious meals. Pam's Harvestcraft features new crops, including fruit trees, vegetables, and grains, as well as new cooking utensils and recipes, such as ovens, pots, and pans. With Pam's Harvestcraft, you can create your own farm-to-table experience, harvest fresh ingredients, and create delicious dishes to share with friends. 


Overall, Pixelomate is the perfect mod pack for Minecraft Pixelmon players who want to automate and optimize their gameplay experience. With its range of automation mods, quality-of-life improvements, and performance optimizations, Pixelomate is sure to take your Pixelmon adventure to the next level.