PixelMon "Les ptitards"

We recommend at least 6gb of ram for this modpack

A community Modpack for the "Ptitards" community!


A bundle of Quests Adventure and Fun overall!
For any questions join our discord

Our server is mainly in french, be warned!

Mods in this modpack:
Pixelmon, powered by: https://pixelmonmod.com/

Architectury API - Library Mod

Bookshelf - Collection of code, frameworks, utilities, and other resources for other mods to utilize

Catalogue - Simple mod that replaces Forge's mod list menu with an updated and modernised version

Configured - Simple and mod that dynamically creates a configuration menu for every mod

Collective (Forge) - Library mod with common code for all of Serilum's mods

Comforts - Comforts is a mod that adds sleeping bags and hammocks to Minecraft

FTB Ultimine - Allows you to harvest multiple blocks at once

Macaw's Bridges -  Adds a variety of bridges
Macaw's Fences and Walls - Adds a variety of Fences Gates and walls
Macaw's Trapdoors - Adds a variety of Trapdoors and Glass Trapdoors
Macaw's Windows - Adds a variety of cool looking Windows

Macaw's Doors - Adds a variety of new doors

Macaw's Furniture - Adds new furniture to the game allowing you to decorate your house

Macaw's Lights and Lamps - Adds new Lights and Lamps to the game allowing you to decorate your house and more
Storage Drawers -  Adds a new way to store items in one blocs you are able to add up to millions of the same block

AppleSkin - Adds a preview on food items to see how much food and saturation it will restore
Biomes O' Plenty - Adds unique biomes to the game aswell as new blocs mainly for building and decorating

Construction Wand - Place multiple blocks at once, ease building
Controlling - Adds the ability to search for keybinds using their name in the KeyBinding menu

Cooking for Blockheads - Adds a cooking book aswell as a functional kitchen for easier cooking
Corpse - Adds a corpse at a players death that only the owner can interact with to retreive lost items
Crafting Tweaks - Adds buttons to Crafting Tables allowing you to quickly rotate, balance or clear the crafting grid

CraftTweaker - Allows to change recipes, scripts and commands

CrashUtilities - Debugging tool to spot why and what causes lags

Enchantement Descriptions - Adds a description on enchantements to see what the enchantement does

Farmer's Delight - A mod that expands farming and cooking from sandwiches to salads and stews, from beautiful desserts to mouth-watering feasts

Fast Leaf Decay - A mod that fastens the vanilla leaf decay of trees when cutting then down

FTB Essentials - Adds many essential utility commands for servers

FTB Library - A library for the FTB Mods

FTB Quests - Adds a quests system

FTB Teams - Adds a Team mechanic to the game, mostly used in the FTB Quests

Iron Chests - Adds upgradable chests to store more items in one chest

Item Filters - A Dependency for the FTB Quests mod

JourneyMap - Adds a full map aswell as a mini-map to the game

Just Enough Items (JEI) - Is an item and recipe viewing mod for Minecraft

Just Enough Resouces (JER) - Adds NEI integration for world resources like ores and mob drops
Konkrete - is a library mod used as base for other Plugins from Keksuccino

Load My Resources -  is a client-side mod to automatically load resources like images and sounds on game start

Moonlight Lib - A dependency for other mods

Morpheus - Sleep vote system, not everyone has to sleep to skip the night

Mouse Tweaks - replaces the standard RMB dragging mechanic, adds two new LMB dragging mechanics and an ability to quickly move items with the scroll wheel

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod - Adds even more Furnitures to help decorate your home

Nature's Compass - A compass that helps in finding precise Biomes

No Default Auto-Jump - Removes the default Auto-Jump mechanic from the game

Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Crops - Adds brand new Crops and ingredients for cooking

Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Food Core - Allows to use all new Crops and fruits to make delicious new dishes

Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Food Extended - Allows to craft brand new dishes 

Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Trees -  Adds new Fruit trees

Paxi - Is a simple mod for global, automatic data and resource packs

Placebo -  A Library Mod for other mods to use

Server Tab Info - Give infos about the current world and server in the TAB Menu

Set World Spawn Point -  Allows to precisely set the Spawn of new players

ShetiPhianCore - A library mod for ShetiPhian's mod to use

Speedy Hoppers - Upgraded Hoppers for faster items transfer

Structurize - Is a server utility mod, aims to bring a new way to edit large portions of the Minecraft world
Supplementaries - Is a highly configurable Forge mod focused on adding valuable content which fills the gaps vanilla has

Terraqueous - Adds Fruit, Trees, Pergolas, Flowers, Pots, Clouds, Tools, and More

The One Probe - Allows you to see informations about the block being looked at
Toast Control -
Removes or hide Toasts like Advancements, the narrator or tutorials

Waystones - Allows to Teleport between waystone previously discovered

YUNG's API - This is a library mod for some of YUNG's Forge mods