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PixelGO - To the Sky

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🔥🚀 Soar to new heights with PixelGO - To the Sky! Experience a thrilling and immersive Minecraft modpack that will take your gameplay to the next level! 🔥🚀



📺 Check out our exciting video presentation 📺




🥚 Random Egg🥚

Unleash the power of surprise! 🥚🎁
Summon a Pokémon egg that can hatch into any type of Pokémon. Will you discover a rare gem or a legendary powerhouse? The choice is yours!


🏰 Custom Pokémon Structures🏰

Explore an enchanting world!
Discover awe-inspiring structures inspired by your favorite Pokémon. Uncover hidden treasures and unravel the secrets of the Pixelmon universe!


🎫 Summoning Tickets 🎫

Embark on thrilling battles and catch 'em all! 🎟️
Use special tickets to summon rare and powerful Pokémon waiting to be added to your team. Will you become the ultimate Pokémon Master?


⚔️ RPG System ⚔️

Choose your destiny!
Select your team from vibrant options and conquer the challenges ahead. Green, blue, red, yellow, black, white, or pink — the choice is yours!⚡️🔥💧


🔑 Mega Boss Key 🗝️

Unlock unparalleled strength! ✨
Obtain a special key to summon colossal Mega Boss Pokémon. Face off against formidable opponents and prove your worth as a trainer!


🌈 900 New Pokémon Textures 🌈

Immerse yourself in a visual spectacle! 🖌️✨
Encounter stunning and diverse Pokémon with over 900 new textures. Experience vibrant colors and intricate details in breathtaking beauty.


⚔️3 Battle Towers: Face formidable trainers and earn badges! ⚔️🏆
Challenge yourself in the epic Battle Towers! Each tower holds 28 trainers ready to test your skills. Defeat them all and earn a prestigious Pokémon badge as a symbol of your triumph! 


🔍 330 New Starters 🔍

Begin your journey with a bang! 🌟🐣
Discover 330 brand new starter Pokémon with perfect IVs (31) and amazing features like hidden abilities and maxed EVs (252 Speed). Find your shiny and embark on an epic adventure!


🎵 New Pokémon Music 🎵

Let the melodies of Pokémon captivate your soul! 🎶🎵
Immerse yourself in a world of auditory enchantment with our custom Pokémon-themed music. Experience a harmonious blend of Pixelmon and Minecraft tunes like never before!


📜 1230 Quests ! 📜
Embark on a quest-driven adventure with the FTB Quests mod. Complete challenges, earn rewards, and uncover the secrets of PixelGO - To the Sky!🌟🔍


🔧 Tech Mods with Custom Crafting 🔧

Harness the power of technology! ⚙️🔧💡
Explore a world of advanced machinery and automation with our selection of tech mods. Craft custom machines, automate processes, and unlock the true potential of your PixelGO !


💻 Looking to host your own server? Check out our partnership with Bisect Hosting for high-performance server options! 💪🔥