821 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 6, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Piggies! is designed to offer something for every style of play to do. You can explore the world, fighting in dungeons full of mobs or besieging stuctures held by evil NPCs. You can arm yourself with magic from the very depths of the abyss, the heavens, the evils within or the nature around. If magic isn't your style there is weapons and armors to do the business just fine as well.


For the builder oriented there is lots of lighting and decoration options, as well as building blocks themselves. Most magic and tech mods strive to be of a style that would look good in a pretty build.


Techwise you can craft huge complex machines, to do your work, or if just doing the work is required that is an option as well.


The goal of the pack is to unify the playing experience, removing unnecessary overlap in resources and fixing conflicts that may arise.



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