Perilous Skies

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Perilous Skies is a Modded SkyBlock modpack built by us at Third Peril to be part of our network. Start with a Garden of Glass style SkyBlock island and expand into the base of your dreams by gathering resources with Ex Nihilo Creatio or Sky Orchards and then expand into multiple different farming and/or technology mods. 


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Tips for getting started:

  • You will start inside the plane at spawn. Make your way to the front and take a leap of faith to start your island or return to your island if you already have one.
  • Your Garden of Glass style island will have living root at the bottom. Carefully dig down and harvest the living root. The drops from that can be crafted in the 2x2 format to get a sapling. Once you can grow trees, you are on your way!
  • Shift and Right Click with an empty hand on grass or dirt to get stone pebbles which can be crafted into cobblestone.
  • You can twerk (spam crouch) or run around planted saplings to apply a bonemeal effect and grow trees faster.
  • You can use Ex Nihilo Creatio or Sky Orchards to start progressing and getting more materials.
  • Don't look down!
  • Don't fall off!


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