Peanut Craft

1,054 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 10, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

UPDATE: We now have a dedicated Discord for this pack. Along with an official server running this pack. Discord link =>


This pack is made with the ultimate sandbox experience in mind. Packed full of mods that we know and love!

There is no set end-goal, no questing. Nothing telling you what you can and can't do.


I've always wanted a pack with a big focus around all my favorite mods, and all the tech heavy mods.

And with the help of my friends, I think we've achieved that pretty well.


Which is why I'm super excited to introduce to you:


Peanut Craft is the one-stop mod pack for all your automation needs in Minecraft.


With those awesome mods as those listed above, you'll be able to automate pretty much everything in Minecraft, or build anything you could only dream of!


Not only is the sky the limit, but the whole galaxy and multi-verse is!

It's the ultimate sandbox experience!

This pack is designed for our server, but it's fully functional for other servers hosting this pack, or for single player!


This is a very large mod pack, at least 6 GB of RAM allocated is required.

7 GB or 8 GB is suggested for best possible experience.


Mod list available on our GitHub page.


This pack is still evolving and growing. If you have suggestions or ideas for mods or config changes, please post any Issues on GitHub.



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