Path of Craft [Forge]

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Path of Craft
Create new adventures


Path of Craft Integration based on the Path of Exile.


Welcome to play this integration package, more play by you to create.

Without a mission goal, you are free to choose the area you want to play in.



Prevent spraying in the world to set these instructions

/gamerule keepInventory true


Team instructions

Create a team /slash party create

Invite players /slash party invite player

The invitee /slash party join player


Once familiar with the operation, new areas such as Atum 2, Silent Gear, Gobber 2, ProjectE, Astral Sorcery, BotaniaForbidden and Arcanus can be started.

Upgrade roles and select to select additional skill points, which are fully customized for statistics, skills, and skill points.

Custom-made weapons allow you to have a better adventure.

The ultimate goal is to play Gaia.


File modification:

Grade and other modules are compatible:

File modification

.minecraft\saves\New World\serverconfig\MineAndSlash-Server.toml

The notebook opens just to find this line ENABLE_AUTOMATIC_COMPATIBLE_ITEMS = false changed to true and

Also find MAXIMUM_PLAYER_LEVEL = 60 to change to the level you want.


Life skill level modifications: 

File modification

.minecraft\saves\New World\serverconfig\gokistats-server.toml

Just open your notebook and find this line of globalLimitMultiplier = 2.5 to change to the level you want.


Life skills:

The file has been modified to 25 levels by default.


More features for pets:


Mods in Path of Craft aim to enhance the players' experience with Mine and Slash - a thorough ARPG mod dedicated to progression. 


Beginner Tips:

◎ It is recommended to practice to level 13 first to be familiar.

◎ You can make your own weapons and armor, but monsters fall better.

◎ Ore can be used for equipment repair or for general minerals.

◎ Don't worry about messy waste of skills and attributes, there are ways to reset them.


Recommended RAM Allocation: At least 4GB with


Most of the bad English can only rely on translation.