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Forget everything you know about mining...

This pack takes the standard boring ore generation and throws it out the window. With a focus on exploratory mining, high tech and big magic, enterprising diggers can expect huge rewards for delving (too?) deep. Discover alternate dimensions and pillage their resources for fun and profit, set up computer controlled technical marvels of automation, or take the path of magic and dominate the multiverse with the sheer power of your will! The choice is yours! 

Made for miners that enjoy working for their rewards. Don't expect ore to be in your face everywhere. You will have to break some pickaxes and work for it.


Based around the mod Realistic Ore Veins by AlcatrazEscapee


The texture pack in the screenshots is a BDCraft patch I put together for this modpack. You can find it here ParPack BDCraft Texture Pack


Here is a list of notable changes from what most people are used to.

  • Small amounts of common ores near the surface and larger ore deposits lower down (uncommon but hugely rewarding).
  • Days last much longer with a meter that shows the current time in the upper left when the sky is overhead. Night length is unchanged from vanilla.
  • Rare blood moons occur from time to time. You'll want to be inside during them. Trust me.
  • Creepers do not cause damage to structures or blocks but still cause damage to players and mobs.
  • When you die your inventory is stored in a grave that will spawn skeletons when it's dark. Break the grave to regain your items.
  • Hunger and nutrition values tweaked to make food more valuable. Careful, starvation will kill you.


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