Parasitic Apocalypse - Lite

543 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 11, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2  

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This modpack aims to bring a few changes to minecraft, with the addition of a bigger mod (Scape and run: parasites), which the pack is focused around. It has a full version, which adds a bunch more mods, while this one has only a few essential ones.


This modpack includes a bunch of tweaks to make minecraft run smoother. Without Scape and run, this modpack simply upgrades the vanilla experience, with mods for storage, structures, seasons, backpacks, and waystones, to name a few.

Scape and Run is what adds the real fun, aiming to add a little bit of panic and survival challenge to the world. Eventually, if ignored, this mod will slowly infect your world.


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