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Modpack for 1.12.2

ParasCube is a modpack centered around Pokecube.  Added on are the usual utility mods, some mods for extra challenge, new blocks to build with, and as many worldgen structure mods as possible.  

Pokecube's normal compatibility with Biomes O Plenty is through an automatic tagging system. This means that pokemobs appear in all biomes, but aren't well optimized to make use of the variety. This pack changes that so the spawns are per-biome rather than per-type, meaning that every biome gets its own set. Each location will typically have between 5 and 20 pokemobs, and most pokemobs can be found in only a handful of places. This more closely resembles the routes of the Pokemon games and encourages exploration. In addition, locations have been given to each of the Legendary Pokemobs, allowing full pokedex completion.

Biomes O Plenty biomes can be hard to get into a reasonable sized region. To avoid having to travel hundreds of thousands of blocks for a biome, wasting time and bloating save file sizes as well as causing problems for servers, this pack includes a pre-made 4000 x 4000 Biome Painter Map. Every single biome, vanilla and BoP, can be found at least once within this space. To use it, just start a normal world in the BoP world type. Villages, Pyramids, and other structures will appear randomly according to seeds as usual. Beyond the borders of the Biome Painter map, normal world gen will presume after a jagged natural-looking edge.

Throughout the world, there are many structures and dungeons, including:
- Additional Ruins by Jordan Greywolf, Gillymoth, and ST753M
- Custom Doomlike Dungeon themes

Normal vanilla monsters do not spawn in dark places - they can only be found from spawners or world gen events. This means that it's possible to clear out an area permanently. This is especially important as Epic Siege Mod will make monsters extra dangerous in a number of ways. Spawners will spawn regardless of torches and break after a few enemies are killed.

It is NOT recommended to remove mods from this pack. Many of the mods are stitched together, with chisel being a major component in Doomlike dungeon walls and various recipes, BoP being necessary to catch every pokemob, and others.  Adding mods is less risky, though note that any new biomes won't have pokemobs spawn in them unless you add them to the spawns yourself.  

If this is being run on a server, make sure Command Blocks are enabled to allow the ruinstrigger command blocks of the Ruins mod to fire.

Note: This contains Fastcraft and Foamfix, which should help in most cases but may cause issues on certain computers.

It is suggested to pregenerate the overworld before playing, due to the high numbers of structures and world generation mods which need to run.


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