Paradoxical Sleepers

216 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 7, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

This mod pack has been and will continue to be optimized for both servers and players that would like to join the server but does not have the best computer. This mod pack adds various mods that play nicely with each other and further down the line this pack will have more mod integration to make the entire pack seem as if it was one mod. 


Paradoxical Sleepers is built for servers and contains a nice mixture of magic, tech, and adventure mods to allow players to enjoy which ever route they would like to take. The goal of this mod is to create an enjoyable community with players with a wide array of computer hardware.(To a degree).


It is recommended that you have at least 4GB of ram to play the pack. I am trying to take as much load off of the players computer as possible and have that happen on the server end. 


To Join the server please contact me via twitch:


Or Via Discord:



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