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This pack aims to give an experience that is engaging and gives the player a proper modded experience, whilst also hoping to cater to those with lower end PC's


This pack, whilst heavily focused on tech (Mekanism, Thermal Foundation, and Applied Energistics 2), does include a nice touch of magic (Mana and Artifice, Blood Magic, and Mystical Agriculture). There's plenty to explore with Biomes O Plenty and Valkyrian Skies 2, and strong armour and tools to fight your enemies with Draconic Evolution and Ice and Fire. For those less inclined to adventure, there's also plenty of choice for staying at home, with Pam's Harvestcraft and Cooking With Blockheads to keep you busy.


Modlist Below: 



Applied Energistics 2

Baubley Heart Canisters

Biomes O Plenty

Blood Magic

Blue Power

Botany Pots / Trees

Colossal Chests

Cooking for Blockheads

Corail Tombstone


Draconic Evolution

Enchanted: Witchcraft

Ender Storage

Fairy Lights

Flux Networks

Hex Casting

Hostile Neural NEtworks

Ice and Fire

Immersive Engineering

Mahou Tsukai

Mana and Artifice



Moving Elevators

Mystical Agriculture 

Nature's Compass

Pam's HarvestCraft




Simply Jetpacks 2

Storage Drawers

The One Probe

Thermal ALL 

Valkrien Skies

Wireless Redstone