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Welcome to Overgrown, a custom city-scape apocalyptic modpack.

This modpack is no longer under development, and will remain as is, unfinished.

It's playable, but still has some bugs and unfinished quests. ~80% done.

We are working on new modpacks now because 1.10.2 bugs are only being fixed in 1.12.2

Overgrown Cityscape with ShadersClick these for more info on Singleplayer and/or multiplayer Overgrown:

Singleplayer Multiplayer

Important Beta Information:

"/bq_admin default load" will load the updated quest list into older world files. This is only necessary for pre-existing worlds that get played again with a newer version of the modpack, so don't forget it when you update!

If you have cheats turned off and can't run said command, open your world to LAN in the options menu with cheats on. Run the command "/bq_admin default load", and then save & exit to turn cheats back off again.

Optifine Dynamic Lights are highly recommended for this modpack, but if you don't like optifine or can't use it, we have included our own dynamic lighting mod (disabled by default) with the pack.


"Only a few years have passed since humanity became endangered, and we are no closer to finding out what happened all those years ago. Some people thought it was simply nature striking back, maybe the zombies that once stayed in the shadows became bold enough to wipe us out, a new bio weapon fueled by political turmoil, or even just some gods idea of a sick joke.  No matter what wiped us out in the end, one thing holds true. We are not the top of the food chain anymore.

A few of us survived by hiding in bunkers to wait out the chaos, but the world we returned too days later was already like this. The smoke had not even cleared yet and plants had already claimed the world. We travel alone or in small groups to cover more ground, search for clues and resources, and only regroup when necessary. Too many people in one place will quickly draw out the undead.

So go, before we are noticed. There is an uncharted section of the city a few miles from here, try to set up something a bit more permanent there and keep looking for answers."


Overgrown is a long term exploration modpack that takes place in an infinitely large proceduraly generated ruined city that has been reclaimed by nature. Plants and animals now live intertwined with the ancient skyscrapers, creating a unique jungle of vines and concrete full of wild animals and the ruins of long forgotten human society. Mo'Creatures, Biomes O'Plenty, and The Lost Cities populate the world with diverse Flora and Fauna, While Tinkers Construct, TIAGA, and Mekanism fill the caves below with rich and varying ores to mine.


Mod list as of 0.9:


Scavenge the derelict ruins and long abandoned subway systems for resources and start building up from the rubble of your predecessors. Mystical Agriculture, Pam's harvest Craft, and Agricraft will give you plenty to farm with. Then start process your food and raw materials with Mekanism, Forestry, and Minefactory Reloaded. The mod count is intentionally low because each one is feature rich, and will be used to the fullest as you go through the long questing trees. I built this with the intention of being considerably more lightweight so as many people as possible can play. Currently we have been able to get Overgrown to run on as little as 2gb of RAM on minimalist settings and Optifine, though 4gb will allow for much better graphics. (first time world gen is always going to be slow)


This modpack has also intentionally excluded all mass storage mods from the early game, instead relying on Refined Relocation, Iron Chests, and various pipes / conveyor belts for a hands on storage approach. While this is far from a gritty hardcore modpack, it's still a survival experience. Pipe based and intelligent chest based systems have a certain charm that tech storage mods have done away with, and I think everyone will get some more enjoyment and appreciation out of their bases this way. Ender storage is also available for any inter-dimensional storage movement you may require, but we highly recommend utilizing the subway system for Overworld transportation.


The farthest reaches of late game content, along with the custom questing experience, are under a bit of flux right now. The development team and I keep finding numerous bugs leading back to the bigger tech mods (most of which refuse to address their own bugs) and so we have had to remove more mods than originally intended. As such, any singleplayer worlds moving from one version to another will almost certainly remove items you had previously collected. Once these issues are ironed out and quests are completed we will release Overgrown 1.0, but until then please be patient with our beta tinkering.


Youtube Showcases:


Twitch Streamers: HeyLookItsAlex, TrueDeviL 

(You would think that since this is twitch I would be able to link twitch streams more professionaly, but no. This is why we can't have nice things.)



We recommend the Unity texture pack by CyanideX, it converts both vanilla and modded textures to look more unified with the Mekanism look: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/unity

If you already have issues running Overgrown this will not help, it's just a little something extra for people with good PC's who prefer the modern vanilla look (1.13 ish)



  • Latest Java - Update your Java version for best performance.
  • Singlepayer  -  Use world type "Lost Cities" or "Lost Cities (BoP)" on world creation, Keep Inventory is already on but you can still turn on cheats as well  if you want (your game your rules).
  • Multiplayer  -  Use world type "lostcities" in your server.proporties file. Copy and paste the Config and Mods folder from the version you want to host into the server, we test to make sure each version doubles as server files.
  • Please use Optifine with Dynamic Lighting enabled. Hardcore darkness while holding a dynamic light source is possibly the coolest thing ever.
  • Beta - This is still a beta pack, so expect some bumpy game play until we iron it all out for full release. It's playable, just keep in mind bugs do happen.

      If your game crashes, please make sure you have the latest version of Java installed before you report it. Updating Java fixes most bugs. If you have a crash even with undated java, please post the crashlog on Pastebin and link it in your comment bellow.


      If you have any recommendations, feedback, comments, anything really, please let us know down below and we can discuss it :)

Feedback is very important to us as this is still in development as a Beta pack.


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