OSC - Official Survival Camp

22 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 14, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5   +1

OSC - Official Survival Camp is a modpack about farming, building a cool base, and exploring dungeons.
Travel the world conquering dungeons and become the strongest warrior you can be!
There are many dangerous mobs added by Lycanites Mobs that can be slain and befriended if you are brave enough.
With 76 mods this pack is pretty small and can be used with 4G of ram but I recommend 5 or 6.

Mods Included in this pack:
-Architectury API by shedaniel
-Ars Nouveau by baileyholl2
-Construction Wand by ThetaDev
-Enchantment Descriptions by DarkhaxDev
-Repurposed Structures by telepathicgrunt
-AppleSkin by squeek 502
-AutoRegLib by Vazkii
-Baubley Heart Canisters by traverse_joe
-BlockCarpentry by PianoManu
-Bookshelf by DarkhaxDev
-Botony Pots by DarkhaxDev
-Botany Trees by DarkhaxDev
-Caelus API by TheIllusiveC4
-Charm Reforged by svenhjol
-Clumps by Jaredlll08
-Collective by Serilum
-Cooking for Blockheads by BlayTheNinth
-Corail Tombstone by Corail_31
-Create by simibubi
-Culinary Construct by TheIllusiveC4
-Curio of Undying by TheIllusiveC4
-Curios API by TheIllusiveC4
-Curios Quark Oddities Backpack by 6LeoMC
-Curious Elytra by TheIllusiveC4
-DataFixerSlayer by Vazkii
-Diet by TheIllusiveC4
-Dungeon Crawl by xiroc_
-Dungeons Plus by ModingLegacy
-Dynamic Surroundings by OreCruncher
-Easy Villagers by henkelmax
-Enchanted Book Redesign by tfarecnim
-Entity Culling by tr9zw
-Equipment Compare by Grend_G
-Fast Leaf Decay by olafskiii
-Flywheel by jozufozu
-FPS Reducer by bre3el
-FTB Library by FTB
-FTB Ultimine by FTB
-GeckoLib by ThanosGecko
-Gems & Jewels by sea_leaf
-Healing Campfire by Serilum
-Health Overlay by Terrails
-Iceberg by Grend_G
-Inventory Tweaks Renewed by David1544
-Iron Chests by ProgWML6
-Just Enough Items by mezz
-Just Enough Resources by way2muchnoise
-LevelHearts by FireController1847
-Loot Bag Mod by Trhod177
-Lycanites Mobs by Lycanite
-Macaw's Bridges by sketch_macaw
-Macaw's Doors by sketch_macaw
-Macaw's Fences and Walls by sketch_macaw
-Macaw's Furniture by sketch_macaw
-Macaw's Trapdoors by sketch_macaw
-Macaw's Windows by sketch_macaw
-Majrusz Library by Majrusz17
-Mantle by mDiyo
-Mouse Tweaks by YaLTeR
-NoFog by Tommeh2
-Oh The Biomes You'll Go by AOCAWOL
-Pams Harvestcraft 2 - Food Edition by pamharvestcraft
-Patchouli by Vazkii
-Polymorph by TheIllusiveC4
-Quark by Vazkii
-Quark Oddities by Vazkii
-Selene Lib by MehVahdJukaar
-Simple Farming by enemeez1
-Spawner Bug Fix by Mactso
-Structure Gel API by ModdingLegacy
-Supplementaries by MehVahdJukaar
-Tool Leveling+ by Buecher_wurm
-Traverse Reforged by Noobanidus
-Waystones By BlayTheNinth
-Wonderful Enchantments by Majrusz17


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