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Infinite Origins



Tons of new well known, public and even custom origins!

Prepared for all types of servers! (anarchy, peaceful, etc.)

✅ AFTERLIFE mod included (random origin reroll on death!) (can be deactivated)

✅ Several quality of life mods!

✅ Better nether and end!

✅ Terralith world generation!

✅ Tons of new creatures to fight, tame or befriend!

✅ Simple voice chat!

✅ Skin pack downloadable to submerge into each origin!

✅ Tons of mods to enhance the gameplay (creatures, qol, etc).


Lite version here:




Not an origin (datapacks):

We have the meats: (credit to "RedThunderG (TTV)", origins mod official discord server)

Feline_fix (credit to sepiapages -- Planet minecraft download

Vanilla tweaks datapacks





Your normal origins experience with more origins than usual. The twist is that every time you die, you have a brand new random origin, having 10 lives in total.


Config options for singleplayer:

- Disable reroll on death: remove the afterlife mod

- Grant infinite lives: just use the /afterlife command and set the lives to a very big number.



You can play multiplayer in several ways. This modpack has not been tested in multiplayer mode yet, although it should work properly if you remove the clientside mods. If someone is able to check, it would be greatly appreciated. These are the gamemodes I can think about:
- Factions: make teams for your server and use the player tracking compass to search for other teams. Last team standing wins.
- Total anarchy: no teams, noone to trust. Be either the hunter or the prey using the tracking compass. Last one to lose all 10 lives wins.
- Peaceful: Just regular peaceful server. I recommend to either remove the reroll feature by disabling the afterlife mod or just set the lifes to a very big number.

- PVP arena: just use a custom PVP map and fight until only one is has spare lives. You can either play it with teams or on individual mode.