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Craft all ores on Little Floating Island


 Hello! I am Rafii2198 and this is OreBlock!

  • What is OreBlock?

OreBlock is a Skyblock map. You are starting on small island in the Void. Your have to do quest and craft ores.

  • How to craft ores?

Just serach the name of ore in NEI(Not Enough Items) and click that ore.

  • There are Quest?

Yes! When you start you have in inventory Quest Book

  • If I die I lose Save?

No. You just lose only your item

  • I have idea for Quest/Crafting

You can send me a message with any Ideas on my Gmail rafii2198@Gmail.com but you have to put  #OreBlock  on Topic of mail 


Join to my channel on Curse Voice https://www.curse.com/servers/Hk54Tc/oreblockchateng
Or my Discord server: https://discord.gg/PS8FhQu




Some usefull things:




Now working on:

  • Improve main menu
  • Make font for Better Questing
  • New quests
  • More crafting recipes
  • (Maybe) More mods 



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