Ordinary Origin

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Ordinary Origin

Sent by the ones above to bring back Peace and Harmony to the World taken by the Undead

you got to choose a Race that now wanders the worlds and its abilities as a fallen of the ancient Miners who once 
ascended to the Aether after sealing away the Ender Dragon and hiding the pieces of the Entity of Destruction : the Wither.

Now after the Ender Dragon Egg hatched, and the Magic it inherits revived all the Undead Creatures and the Illagers making use
of their Power trying to dominate the Era of Villagers you are the one to save their Lives and seal the Ender Dragon once again! 

Making use of Mods like: 





Awesome Dungeons

When Dungeons Arise 

... To build a world full of ancient ruins that tell the Story of the ones you once where part of 

Origins + Addons 


to blend into the mortal world you are now going to save


any many many features to help and aid you on your journey to seal the Dragon that  inherits the Magic of revival, to once and for all bring back the Peace of the Lands and defeat the Undead


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