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One Piece craft was a modpack designed initially for friends but after many requests for the seafaring, magical power wielding , and gun toting adventure that comes with this mod pack and the very soul of one piece you are now able to experience OPC for yourself first hand.


With numerous features such as free reign upon ship building, a feature provided by the Archimedes' Ships mod


Legitimate access to devil fruits and the ability to venture out and find the sacred powers provided by Mine Mine no Mi 


The ability to freely and safely venture the seas via the JourneyMap 


And numerous other quality of life mods which just was evaluated to be crucial to the one piece aesthetics, You can find all of the mods included in the pack listed below


◦ Archimedes' Ships

◦ BiblioCraft

◦ Chest Transporter

◦ Cosmetic Armor Reworked


◦ Mine Mine no Mi

◦ NetherPortalFix

◦ Perfect Spawn

Recycle Items Plus