Off The Beaten Path

587 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 14, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2
A Modpack which focuses on Magic, Exploration, Building, Hunger and not so well known Mods. OH, and there is quite a lack of Energy in it.
While you will have a Questbook to help you a little bit along you should also take a closer look at the mods themselves, as the Questbook will not hold your hand or explain the full contents of a mod to you. This Modpack doesn’t normally require any energy like RF, Tesla etc (but there is a backup wheel if your require it), and it has a custom progression (not really that hard and hopefully not grindy). 
So let’s see if you can live without most of the big standards out there. I’m looking forward to your builds.
The main mods are:
  • Project E
  • Astral Sourcery
  • BloodMagic
  • Thaumcraft
  • Refined Storage
  • Embers
  • Roots
But you will also find:
  • The Between Lands
  • Dynamic Trees
  • Inductive Logistics
  • Refined Relocation
  • Simple Storage Mod
  • Monk
  • And a lot more
And you can create beautiful builds if you are inclined to. At least the mods are there to help you out:
  • Architecture Craft
  • Bibliocraft
  • Chisel
  • Chisel & Bits
  • Useful Interior
  • And a lot more
Early Transportation comes via Minecraft Rails, Waystones, Carpet or Broomstick.
If the modpack is to resource hungry you can disable the following mods:
  • Better Foliage = Falling Leaves etc.
  • Chunk Animator = Dropping in Chunks
  • Recurrent Complex = Random World Structures (Causes Lag when generating new Chunks, extremely during initial world creation)
It is possible that you need to install the world map manually, you can find it at:


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