Ocean Outlast

40,821 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 25, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

Expert, Tech, Magic, Exploration, Loads of Quests, Dungeons, Loads of Mobs 





This project is sponsored by the great folks over at Nodecraft. Use code oceanoutlast to get 30% off your first month. Myself and the Nodecraft team hope to see you around soon! Their fully custom panel makes it easy to install your favorite modpacks. You’ll be exploring your world in minutes, and you have full control over your server. Give it a try!

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Ocean Outlast is highly based on skyblock. but based in an ocean world with 100% randomly-generated islands.

Since this is based upon skyblock many of the ores are now gone and only the magical and fossils managed to stay behind.

as the mighty ocean gods punished humans for what they did to Atlantis.

With 900 plus quests and more to come, there is loads of help to beat the pack.


There is even a shop for you to buy items and a sell shop to earn coins



But there is also loads of dungeons for you to go out and explore for




Recommended RAM: is 6 GB. Tho you can run it as low as 4 GB with slight side effects as random lag spikes

World Type: World type is Default


 For questions and small issues use our (Discord)

• For big issues, bugs or suggestions use our (Github)

How many mods is their?. There are 282 Mods many of them just being there for performance or fixes

Where can i download a server?. Via files or (Click me)



If you really like a mod i suggest looking at the mods list and maybe giving them a little donation for their great work :D 

So jump in and join the journey 


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