Crash On Kepler-10b

783 Downloads Last Updated: May 16, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This is a medium sized pack that I've been working on lately. It was inspired by popular packs such as Crash Landing and Forever Stranded. The map was designed by me. There is a questline but it is absolutely NOT required to finish the pack. The quest line is meant to act as a guide for new players and/or an advancement system.


In this pack, your shuttle has crashed on a hostile, hot, desert world. Using basic emergency supplies, a sapling, and some dirt, you can advance through basic survival, creating technology, thriving, and eventually, fly to a new, more hospitable planet! Using mods such as EnderIO, Thermal Expansion, ExtraUtilities2, Ex Nihilo: Creatio, and many others. Survive, rebuild, thrive, escape.


On this desert planet, you'd expect it to be a hot nightmare. But actually, this planet has extreme temperature fluctuations between day and night, meaning if you go too long without cooling off during the day, you'll overheat. But during the night, you could freeze to death without proper heating! Better watch that thermometer!


Feel free to download and play this pack! You may make videos, streams, and let's plays of the pack all you want.


Have fun!


Note: As I continue to update the pack, I may begin to archive older beta versions as they are not needed.




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