Noxcrew Survival Server - Season 1

996 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

It’s been years since anything has happened at the old factory. Visitors were turned away at the gate, told nothing was in production. Little by little, people moved out of the quaint village that supported the factory workers, contestants, and supporters in favor of an easier life. Those who stayed struggled, but managed to get by. It was a quiet and peaceful life, and the old factory was all but forgotten. Until one day, seemingly out of nowhere, a faint smell of burning Noxesium rolled over the hills. The Factory had begun operation once again, and as the days wore on it became obvious that it was operating with a renewed vigor.


News began to spread as the machines came back to life. People flocked back to the village, wondering if the rumors could be true? And they were: the Noxcrew Factory was in production once again.

The businessmen, retired Factory workers, technicians, students, and other residents were all overjoyed to finally return to a place they called home for so long. But the happiness felt by all was quickly overshadowed by the weight of reality: the weight of building a life, and a community, worth living.

The world provides them the opportunity to be their own person. They can raise themselves to glory and take control of their destiny. Yet Fate still plunges them towards failure, holding terrible fortunes in her old wizened hands. The young often die, and the old seldom live, but each death is met with new life. The next generation of families pick themselves up from the horror and tragedy of death to rise to their family’s former greatness. Working together, and building upon each other’s successes, the town can thrive. Two souls may come together and find companionship. The wisdom of all can be shared amongst the town peoples, always working towards fulfilling the dream.

The life of this world can die in an instant or stay for centuries; it’s up to you to help shape its fate.