76 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 9, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2


Is a modpack designed with Technology at its heart.

We felt that mods like; ProjectE, Buildcraft, Applied Energistics were a good starting point.

Furthermore, we built onto this adding a range of mods of 150+.

We feel this gives you the player options, even if you don't like technology.

There are a few surprises but we won't spoil them.

0.0.3 - 0.1.0 Please note there has been an overhaul - Recommended to do a clean install.

More info provided in the changelog.


The modpack development team;

Metrosis0 - Owner

nxdreadnought - Sub-owner

Joshxo - Admin

ausodevon - Admin



Click the below image for the invite.

Discord Invite

Currently, there is a private modpack OFFICIAL server running forge-only meaning modded-vanilla gameplay.

If you would like support on how to set up or our server recommendations; join the discord, more than happy to help.

If there are any issues running the modpack please also use our discord server as we will be able to provide support.


Please Note;

Current modpack recommendations are as follows;

6-8 GB Ram to play

Try to set settings to low/off on most options if getting lot of lag then try upping them once fully loaded and if occur issues we are here to help.

Also, optifine has worked with the modpack however may not. - This needs further testing before we will officially support the addition.

For most optimal gameplay try to play on a server or host your own, as this will free up usage on your computer for a better gaming experience. 



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