Not the bees is a skyblock/overworld quest pack. With custom island generation or custom hexlands world options and quests you will be guided through bee breeding and learn all the finer details of mods like forestry, gendustry, binnie's and career bees.  Unlike most skyblock packs there is no ex nihilo or similar mods. Even in the overworld mode you will find no ores. Instead you will have to breed bees in order to produce basic resources and your first stages of automation will also require career bees. 


With many different mods there is plenty for even the experienced player to do. There is a bee store included in the quest book where you can trade honey and other bee related items to obtain special rewards and an "Easy mode" option intended for newer players who just want to learn how bee breeding works.


As of version 2.0 Not The Bees also integrates magic mods such as botania, thaumcraft, blood magic and astral sorcery. These mods round out the offerings and give you many options to progress late game. There is also quest lines to introduce you to each of these mods.


Can you breed your way to victory and unlock the power of ProjectE?

Or will you succumb and say "Not the Bees!"

Server files can bee created following this guide:


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This pack plays very well with the Sphax texture pack, you can find the fantastic patch for Not The Bees here on their forums. Special thanks goes to Novamanga for compiling and maintaining this.


Check out Gaming On Caffeine's great first look of the pack on youtube for some handy hints on how to start! :)


quest 1


quest 2



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For a full mod list please see the dependency page and thank you to all the fantastic mod makers that make their work available for all of us to play with.


Please report any bugs or issues with the pack on the curseforge issue page or in the issues discord channel.