Nooskapack 3

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Nooskapack 3


Nooskapack, now for 1.16.5.

Farming, animals, tech - not quite so much magic, but now with colonies.


Nooskapack 3 is the third incarnation of 'Nooskapack' - a pack put together to cater for a tech-centric playing experience with a focus on building pretty buildings, with the emphasis on customization through choice of materials - the pack thus includes mods like Biomes o' Plenty, Gauges and Switches, Immersive Posts, most of Macaw's mods and Chisel & Bits.


The pack also caters to the farmer, with Pam's Harvestcraft 2, Mystical Agriculture - and the ability to automate these if wanted through Industrial Foregoing, Create or in whole new inventive or magical ways.

Basically, mine and farm your way to pretty villages, castles, colonies, cityscapes, ruins or what your fancy is; develop your technology and explore the mystic power of the stars and your own lifeforce


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