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Nomifactory (ファクトリーのみ) is a quest-driven expert pack focused on building large-scale factories, where you will put your automation skills to the test as you progress from punching trees to creative-in-survival, climbing the power tiers of GregTech: Community Edition (GTCE) and its extension, Shadows of Greg. No complicated magic systems, no forced combat or exploration: Only Factories!


Sounds daunting? Not to worry!

While this is an expert pack, we have spared no effort in writing a Quest Book to guide you. Rather than simply being a checklist of stuff to do, it is a veritable encyclopedia of useful knowledge. We believe you can become proficient at this even if you've never used GTCE before!


Worried about grind and tedium? Fear not, we don't do that here! We have adopted the philosophy "All of the complexity, none of the grind."

  • We disable various nerfs to recipes normally imposed by GregTech and skip the steam age entirely, fast-tracking you into GregTech Low Voltage where things get really interesting.
  • Particularly punishing mechanics like machine or reactor explosions and radiation are disabled in configs so you don't have to worry about your base disappearing if you make a mistake. You can still burn a few wires or disintegrate machines if you really mess up though.
  • The pack can be played entirely in Peaceful mode, so you can relax and build without worry. No need for laggy mob farms!
  • Rather than forcing you to hunt down materials in the world, you will quickly gain access to resource generation methods like Deep Mob Learning, Oil Drilling Rigs, and Micro Miners!
  • While we keep in the micro-crafting aspects, you will quickly gain access to automation tools like Applied Energistics 2 which are extremely effective when paired with GregTech's automation features!
  • Applied Energistics 2 channels are disabled by default so you can expand your crafting system however you like without concern for channels mechanics. If you prefer the added challenge, you can enable them in configs (just make sure to use the same config as everyone else if you're playing on a server).
  • We include GTEU / RF power conversion and integrate mods like Thermal Expansion and EnderIO to make power storage, generation, and routing less taxing. Rather than a bunch of redundant machines, we use unique features of each mod.


Our team strives for quality and stability. This pack is full-featured and can keep you occupied for hundreds of hours, but you can still play it on pretty low specifications (requires at most 4GB of heap under typical conditions, with as little as 2560MB for the client and 2G for the server). We try to remove all bloat and performance bottlenecks so your factory can run smoothly; we've had servers run for long periods of time just fine without restarts.


Our development team consists of former Omnifactory community members who spent the last two years developing a spiritual successor. The initial release of this project, 1.2.2, is compatible with existing worlds from Omnifactory 1.2.1. This version was originally completed in April 2020 but we are re-releasing it shortly with some necessary bug fixes and security updates. We have been hard at work getting 1.3 ready ever since. It's a big update that we hope to have ready for you soon!


Nomifactory 1.2.2 Release Infographic