Welcome to the NFINIT Skyblock Beta, a 1.12.2 skyblock mod pack that's designed to be more lightweight than some, for those with lower-end computers. Work your way through the quests to build your very own island full of animals, trees, plants and maybe a family.



We make use of EX Nihilo: Creatio as the main early game resource gathering mod, with lots of custom recipes added to all EX Nihilo mechanics, a variety of mods have been made compatible.

You will no longer have to guess how to get a block or item not normally available, since all custom recipes and skyblock specific blocks and items have JEI support which will tell you and explain how get them.

This modpack also features a quest book which will guide you through the modpack and progression.

All these and many more custom recipes to make the skyblock life easier.


Innovative Hammer Progression

Due to how easy it is to obtain Gravel, Sand and Dust, as well as how there is no use for Diorite, Granite and Andesite , this modpack offer an alternative to the traditional Hammer Progression. Hereunder is the so called Traditional Ex Nihilo Hammer Progression:

<s>CobbleStone -> Gravel -> Sand -> Dust</s>

The Innovative method NFINIT Skyblock proposed a Hammer Progression, where Blocks of Solid Stone requires a Compressed Hammer to be broken down, where as Blocks of Rocks (or Cracked Stone) will still use a Hammer.


Useful Tips

This modpack has custom deaths, whenever you die you keep your inventory. But there is a catch, whenever you die you get 3 effects (Mining Fatigue, Hunger, And Weakness) for 5 minutes. You can heal those effects instantly by drinking a variety of magical drinks this modpack provides.

Vanilla tools are also disable, they can only be used for crafting. The only way to get started is to start making Tinkers construct tools. All tool materials available by different mods in this modpack are available through Tinkers construct smeltery. Plenty of variety of tools and weapons made by your favorite alloys like Osmium, Supremium or even Uranium it is up to you to choose.


Quests updates

When updating the modpack make sure to use the command 

Use these commands right after evey update to update your quest book.

"/bq_admin default load"

"/bqs_loot default load" 








Join our discord server to keep informed about modpack updates, server info and much more.


Offical Server

We are also working on an official server for the pack, where you can join friends and work together.

You can join the official server from the main menu.

Recent Gameplay Showcases:


Gameplay Showcase




The pack is still being worked on and tested, so mods are subject to change, but for now, this is the mods list.