NFINIT Pixelpack

Last Updated: Feb 18, 2018 Game Version: 1.10.2


Jul 28, 2016

Owner: koxhack

Note: This modpack was made for Pixelmon Generations download it at:


A modpack that includes all the client side mods to be used with the Pixelmon mod.


Adds useful utilities mods that dront break the Pixelmon gameplay.

Mods like a Mini Map, Easier recipes etc..


What is Pixelmon? 

Pixelmon is a mod that it is based of the original Pokemon Games released by Game Freak. In this mod you can catch Pokemon and make Pokeballs to catch them, using new resources added in by the mod and old resources in Minecraft. This mod is a really fun mod and for all those Pokemon fans out there go and check it out!


Pixelmon Server

To join the NFINIT Pixelmon server use the IP Address already included in this pack!



Join our discord server to keep informed about modpack updates, server info and much more.



Pixelmon Version: Pixelmon Generations 1.4.1
Minecraft: 1.10.2





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