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Welcome to Nexympheria, your in a Mystical Land, You literally got teleported to this unknown World and have no memories of how you got here or what you gotta do, there are no quests but you do have achievements, but one thing you quickly discovered is this land has the technology to become a cyborg, vampire, and clone yourself at will and much much more, you also have the choice to be Carnivore, Omnivore, or Herbivore, There is plenty technology to make automated and very advanced/futuristic machines of all time.

You can create a very powerful base that is both Defensive and Offensive at same time, you have the power to create almost indestructible blocks to protect your base. You can use magic, control the weather! Villages and structures appear all over and make the game look more interesting!
If you want to fight pirates then head to the sea and you should find some!

There is clouds/blocks in the sky as well as other naturally spawning structures in the sky, "Biomes have changed so you may not be able to get every block in the game", However there are new Biomes in case some original or some other modpack Biomes have gotten written over! I do know in fact there are some work arounds to acquire some blocks in new ways! But it is what it is it's a new world so it shouldn't be viewed as everything must work the same as in unmodded minecraft!


Ask yourself what do you want to do and what is your mission in life? Most likely you can achieve it, as literally you can do basically anything you desire in this Modpack!, For example do you want to be a Bird watcher/collector? Well you can be there is like 200 species of birds in this pack as a wild guess, but point is if you want to breed animals or be an engineer or a farmer of mobs/crops you can do so :) Please be creative think outside the box and pm me if you done anything new in this modpack that you couldn't do in other modpacks that way I can get a nice Wiki going on for this modpack and make a few how to's, the point is My pack is unique and should be different than other packs!


If your a Professional Minecraft player as I am then I suggest give it a runthrough survival first to get the first taste and then switch over to hardcore once you have the idea. I do warn ya gameplay mechanics are definitely changed and not what your used to so I at least gave ya a warning to try out in survival before you get defeated in hardcore 10 mins into the game lols :P


Difficulty is set to as low as I possibly can make it but don't get me wrong it can have some tough mobs that may smash you around like your a punching bag type thing lols :) Rule of thumb always assume all mobs are hostile unless you know for sure ;)


(This is a full release of the Modpack, I actually took time on this one and made it work properly, and left out buggy mods that annoys me kinda thing!)
There may be an update to this modpack but chances are I am leaving it final in the state it is now!

If there are bugs, please do the research and try to find out which mod or mods are creating that bug and please have proper documentation on how to replicate the bug, that way I have a full report for the mod owners! Thanks! Cheers and Happy Modpack gaming :) Last note: If you do enjoy this modpack please share and recommend it to others! :)


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Nexympheria was made possible by these great Mod Creators:

(Mod) Animania - (Owners) Purplicious_Cow & RazzleberryFox
(Mod) Ceramics
(Mod) Chance Cubes
(Mod) CheeseMod - (Owner) CatCoderGamer23
(Mod) Familiar Fauna - (Owners) Glitchfiend & TDWP_FTW
(Mod) Kagic - (Owners) HeimrArnadalr & Akrivus
(Mod) MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod - (Owner) Mr_Crayfish

Thanks keep up the good mods! :)


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