New Lightweight - Optimized For Any Computer | QUALITY UPDATE!

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This incredible modpack has been designed so that it can be played on the vast majority of devices. For this reason, it only has 50 fantastic mods, which will add new biomes, animals, enemies, structures or decorative elements, among many other things.

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New Lightweight adds dozens of mods intended to expand the game's features but always keeping in mind its optimization. In other words, this pack of mods has been designed so that it can be played on the vast majority of devices.

Despite having a reduced number of mods, so that its functionality is consistent with the characteristics of the vast majority of devices, it is capable of greatly expanding the gaming experience. For example, add new biomes, creatures, or dangerous enemies.

Most of the changes will be related to the first world of Minecraft, that is, the world in which the player is born and in which almost the entire story takes place. However, it also adds several dimensions, such as the fabulous dimension of bees, packed with new features.

To get to this new dimension, players will have to throw an ender pearl on a bee hive, and it will be traversed to reach the new location. Of course, the default dimensions have also been modified, allowing you to find structures, enemies, biomes or very useful tools during the games.

It is a fairly recent mod pack, so expect news in the future, yes, for now it is already one of the most downloaded mod packs of this latest version of the game. Among other things he adds:

  • More than a hundred biomes.
  • Several dozen enemies.
  • Hundreds of themed animals.
  • Novel structures.
  • Various dimensions.

Is there an error with your server?

Unfortunately, when setting up a server on your own, or hiring a hosting that I have not recommended, the modpack may not work.

All my modpacks work perfectly with Bisect Hosting, so I recommend 100% to hire such hosting.

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Will this modpack increase my FPS?

Of course NOT! This modpack consumes quite a lot of resources, but the big difference with respect to other modpacks is that we have avoided introducing mods that consume too much, so it is more likely to work on your computer.

If you want to increase your FPS, you should install the More FPS modpack.

How do I install the modpack manually (without the Curseforge app)?

The first thing is to download Forge, the recommended version for each update is in the description of the respective download. Usually installing the latest is enough.

The downloaded files must be placed inside the ".minecraft", that is, in the game directory. Just copy and paste.

As for the Minecraft launcher, the normal parameters of the Forge version are not enough, it is essential to increase the RAM allocated to the game. For it:
1) Click on facilities.
2) Put the cursor over the Forge version and click on the three final dots, then on edit.
3) Click on "More options", and in the "JVM arguments", change the first number, which is the gigabytes allocated. At least we recommend 5GB.