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Nephrite is a medium difficulty, light weight mod pack that is used on the Nephrite Server and is thus designed with server performance in mind. This pack focuses on all aspects of modded Minecraft but with a little bias for magic, farming, building, exploration and deadly mobs (Lycanites Mobs). There will be some tech but nothing too modern or futuristic, perhaps a bit of steam punk. If you're looking for a hardcore experience this pack will offer a bit of a challenge but is not designed for this.


This pack is primarily maintained by Lycanite, the creator of the Lycanites Mobs mod.

Official Nephrite Server:
The official server is currently offline due to costs, but will be back eventually. The Server is added to the Mod Pack download, for reference the address is:


What's in the Nephrite Modpack?

While building a home or base is a key aspect of Minecraft, but exploration is not to be overlooked. This modpack uses several mods that help enhance the world by adding new structures to explore, better dungeons, new biomes, unique dimensions and intricate caves...

While incredible things can be built in Vanilla Minecraft, it can still be limited for some and is also missing a few things that help immersion for role playing so Nephrite includes many decorative mods.

Don't stop at wheat, potatoes and carrots, grow lettuce, fruit trees and farm a wider range of mobs! This pack avoids heavy automation as this doesn't work well on public servers and can easily outbalance players. There will also be a wide range of cooking recipes with mods to make it easier to keep on top of what you can cook!

Master the elements, create mystical constructs, cast ancient spells and more! There are currently no magic specific mods in the pack just yet, but there will be more in the future.

Craft custom weapons, aesthetic armor or summon minions! The Nephrite pack will offer a wide variety of combat with the new combat system in mind for intense PvP and challenging PvE! This pack completely avoids god equipment meaning that combat is always a challenge and that new players can catch up to established players on servers. Be prepared to face off against deadly mobs (Lycanites Mobs).

The Nephrite General Discord channel is open for all, stay in touch!

Server Side Mods:
From area protection to advanced admin commands and permissions. The Nephrite Server will look at balancing online play to prevent grief but also keep things competitive, cooperative and immersive, pick sides, or go alone in the Nephrite World!

Client Side Goodness!
There are many other mods that help improve the aesthetics and ambiance as well as making annoying repetitive tasks automatic, from inventory management to recipe look ups! A lot of these are client side only so if you don't like them, just disable them, you should still be able to connect to servers with some mods disabled.


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