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I highly recommend using this texture pack to get similar looking results to the screen shots posted in the images section!


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-PLEASE NOTE: THIS VERSION OF THIS PACK IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY SUPPORTED. I will not be making changes in this pack any longer. Please see the successor to this pack: MysticLands (coming soon!)-


MysticBlade is a PURELY RPG modpack. There are NO tech mods what-so-ever in this modpack. Mods that you will find in this pack include things like AppleMilk&Tea2, Ars Magica2, Tinkers' Construct, Thaumcraft, Roguelike Dungeons, Twilight Forest, Dragon Mounts, Biomes O' Plenty, Decocraft, Grimore of Gaia 3, Special Mobs, Custom Chest Loot, Carpenters' Blocks, Chisel 2, and so, so much more.

The pack is based around your character surviving the hostile, and sometimes unforgivable RPG world that you spawn into. Strange monsters may come out of portals that you place down, roaming monsters of immense power could attack you anywhere, at any moment, and in order to survive, you will need to explore the deep dungeons and caverns in order to acquire loot and learn powerful magic. There are DOZENS of weapons, some completely unique to any other mods in minecraft; Flails, Halbreds, Shields, Boomerangs, Magic Staves, and so much more. You can even duel wield weapons, and they will combine their attacks into a single swing of fury for even more damage~! Besides awesome weapons, you can also help your survivability by wearing rings, gauntlets, necklaces, shields, and belts from a variety of mods that will give you boosted stats, or special abilities! It's fun to play alone, and its even MORE fun with a friend or two.



Apple&Milk&Tea =DefeatedCrow/Razzleberryfox=


ArmorStatusHUD =bspkrs=


Ars Magica 2 =Mithion=


Backpacks Mod =Eydamos=


BackTools =iChun=


Baubles =Azanor=


Better Dungeons =chocolatin=


BiomesOPlenty =TDWP_FTW, Adubbz, Amnet, and ted80=


BiblioCraft =Nuchaz=


BiblioWoods (and BoP addons) =Nuchaz=


BloodMagic: Alchemical Wizardry =WayofTime=



Botania =Vazkii=


bspkrsCore =bspkrs=


Carpenter's Blocks =Mineshopper=


Chisel 2 =Automatic_Maidi, TheCricket26=


CodeChickenCore =ChickenBones=


Colorful Portals =Tmtravlr=


Cooking For Blockheads =BlayTheNinth=


Cosmetic Armor Reworked =ZLainSama=


Custom Chest Loot =FatherToast=


Custom NPC's =Noppes=


Damage Indicators =rich1051414=


DecoCraft 2 =RazzleBerryFox=


DefaultOptions =Blay09=


Dragon Mounts =BarracudaATA= 


Enchanting Plus =mssodin28=


Ender Storage =ChickenBones=


Fairy Factions =Allaryin=


Fastcraft =Player=


Forbidden Magic =SpitefulFox=


Gany's Nether =GanyMedes01=

Grimoire of Gaia 3 =Silentine=

Hardcore Ender Expansion =chylex=

Infernal Mobs =AtomicStryker=


IngameInfoXML =bspkrs=


IronChests =cpw=


Inventory Tweaks =Kobata=

Metallurgy 4 =ShadowClaimer, Glassmaker=

MetallurgyChisel =Glassmaker=

Natural Absorption =FatherToast=

NotEnoughItems =ChickenBones=

NEI Addons =bdew=

NEI Plugins =mistaqur=

OpenBlocks =Mikeemoo=

Pam's HarvestCraft =MatrexsVigil & Rhodox=

RogueLike Dungeons =Greymerk=

Special Mobs =FatherToast=

Spice of Life =Squeek502=


Stacks on Stacks =madxmike856=


Status Effects HUD =bspkrs=

Tainted Magic =yorkeMC=


Tinker's Construct =mDiyo, Boni=


Tinkers's Iguana Tweaks =Boni=


Tinker's Mechworks =mBiyo, Boni=


Thaumcraft 4 =Azanor=

Thaumic Tinkerer =pixlepix=


Town Builder =brandon3055=

Treecapitator =Bspkrs=

Twilight Forest =Benimatic=

Waila =ProfMobius=


Waila Harvestability Addon =squeek502=




What's This Pack =Robosphinx=


Wood Stuff =GanyMedes01=


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