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Mystical block is a skyblock type modpack where the main focus is Mystical Agriculture. You will start off with 1 inferium seed, a wooden hoe, and couple of pieces of bread. you use the inferium you get to make dirt and wood, and with the help of some custom machines. You could make new seeds like dirt seeds, wood seeds, and etc. you use these seeds to progress your way through your game. Your main goal is to finish all the quests. 100+ mods are added to this modpack which include, draconic evolution, botania, for all the cobble lovers ex compressum, and way more. I also added way to craft creative items, these are very expensive to make and these will dedication. there are lots of quests you can complete like a mystical agriculture chapter, where you have to collect every seed possible. to make your inferium production easier, I have added the mod cyclic to give you the harvester block so you can harvest crops easier, and if you want to make sure you farm is always running even if your not in the radius, We have added FTB Chunks so you can chunkload all your farms! 

I made this modpack because I always loved the mod Mystical Agriculture, I dont know why I like it so much but when I started playing SkyFactory 4, the Mystical Adventure always has intrigued me. I thought to make a whole modpack based around my favorite mod.


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