Mystical Adventures Server Modpack

10 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 16, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5   +1

Welcome where life is full of bloom and adventures
We have everything for you!!
^You love to explore and sync with nature
from the biggest biome mod to the big flower biomes of the oh the biomes you go mod
If you are a builder
We added ton's of mods that add new blocks and the infamous and most famous furniture mod Mrcrayfishs furniture mod
You Love hardcore mobs and other mobs
Well we added ycinates mob and Alex mob  
Mad At mojang for a wild update and not an end update
well no need we added plenty mods that change the end

So come join our squad
Lets get our first goal: 15 downlioads
Also pls tell me if there any mods that are stopping you from playing the game i will remove them


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