Myst Empire

22 Downloads Last Updated: May 4, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

An old modpack that I’ve updated with many new mods to fit the theme of Mysticism, Archaeology and Interdimensionality. Features the Aether Legacy, Twilight Forest, Netherex, Biomes O’ Plenty, Thaumcraft, Fossils & Archaeology and many other smaller mods that help to stay true to the Vanilla experience while also allowing completely new paths to follow.

One of these paths may include an initial descent into the overhauled Nether, where you may encounter new and stronger ores, weapons and enemies. Ascend through a glowstone portal to the heavens of the Aether, where you will prepare to conquer 3 tiers of dungeons, or delve deep into the Twilight Forest to experience a mystical realm pervaded by eternal eventide. Another path might be traversing the deep underground of the Overworld to discover fossils and bring dinosaurs back to life, or simply wander its open plains to see what new terrain Biomes O' Plenty has to offer.

Wherever you go and whichever path you take, you will experience a wealth of new hostile and passive mobs, come across some huge dungeons with plenty of loot - and all you will need to get started on this journey is an Antique Atlas for navigation, a Backpack, food and weapons. 

Apart from all these features, I am also working to approve custom mod support for the Texture Pack "Dokucraft" to be included at a later date, adding support for most of the mods included with Myst Empire.



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