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You should manually add optifine for this modpack as it greatly increases performence.

Fast Render won't work with the enhanced visuals mod. You have to choose between estethic and performance.


Also check your control keys, some mods use the same.


 And i recommand you to use the Tissou's Zombie Pack.



What the heck is MustardCraft?



You have givin up on suffering through Shivaxi's RLcraft, even tough you thought it would be fun eh?

And Forge Labs infamous Mustard-Virus modpack doesn't have enough deapth for more then 100 days eh?




That's where MustardCraft comes to shine! It's a crazy mixture  from the worst of both!

Oh no! No no no no NO! No dragons. No Lycanites Mobs. Only Zombies. That's right!

Only you, the cute animals, the peaceful villagers and the Vanilla-Mustard-Zombies.



Let's be fair ok! This isn't a beginners modpack. It's somewhat in between hardcore survival, zombie apocalypse & overworld exploration.


No more tree-punching. Get yourself a flint-hatched!

You have to take care of your wounds using bandages & plasters. Stuffing your stomach doesn't heal in real life!

You take locational damage! A hit on your Head or body can 1-shot you!

You have to watch your temperature. There are seasons now and a special type of glass for greenhouses.

And pls, don't drink dirty water. Don't be mad at random spawns. Ignore the DeathCounter (Tab).


There are 2 skill systems. 1st can be entered using the Y key. The 2nd requires lvl 5 and can be entered with L key.


Wolfes and Pigs can be tamed. The pigs want baked carrots.

Both can store food to heal themself and fight off those rotten zombies.

Enjoy your journey from the back of a chocobo! That's right!! But it's a long journey untill you can finally mount one...



There are 2 world presets ready to play.

-New Apocalypse

-New Fixed seed Apocalypse


Both come with random spawn and a worldborder. (10.000 x 10.000 Blocks)




Don't bother traveling to the Nether or the End, this modpack is mainly focused on the overworld.

The Goal? Hack how should i know? I just smuggled the Mustard-Virus into this innocent world.

I have ruined it! And i can't wait to see you suffer...


Some deteils about changelog can be found in my forum thread:



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