Mushroom Stew

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There is only one biome in the world: The Mushroom Island.

You need to try to survive and progress through the modpack, but there is a TWIST! Mobs cannot spawn naturally!

This might seem like a good thing at first, but soon you'll realize that surviving without any mobs is not as easy as you think...


The pack itself is quest driven and tech-based. It contains a lot of well-knowen mods like Ender IO and Tinker's Construct, as well as lesser-known, but interesting mods.

It is quite a challenging modpack designed for the more advanced modded survival players.





For Content Creators

You have full permission to record videos, post blogs, and play this pack while you do not distribute it as your own.

(If you do make a video about the pack. Please post it the comments of the project so I could add it to the project description.)



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