multiderp #multideath modpack

This is the second iteration of the custom modpack for the MultiDerp community modded server, commonly referred to as #multideath.

It offers an experience that's peaceful but deadly on the surface, and even more deadly underground. Food and farming play a big supporting role in this pack, but creative types, explorers and technical modded players should find enough content to play around with as well. 

The included mods have been somewhat carefully selected to achieve a certain balance (again), and an attempt at creating a "gated progression" type early-game experience was made this time.

You'll find that you can't mine certain ores from the start, and that some mods require you to get into and play around with other mods first. You'll also have to get into farming all sorts of different foods right away, in order to survive.


There isn't much documentation for the modpack right now, and this, so far, is by design - the pack was originally only intended to be played on a server by the MultiDerp community members. They know a bit about this pack's intentions and inner workings from the previous version.

You'll have to take a close look at NEI for recipe changes and you probably don't want to make vanilla tools right away. Don't say I didn't warn you. >_>

Hilarity will ensue. And so will death. <_<


Have fun!


Since quite a few people have asked me to make this pack public, I've decided to do so. Use at your own risk ... I can't make any promises. It probably  has bugs. If you find one - congratulations. Do let me know about it, please.

If you'd like to make or suggest changes to the pack - please let me know. I'm actually looking for someone to collaborate with on this pack. You can also find me on twitter as @dot83.